Why People Struggle with Scaling Their Amazon Business

The reason we started ScalingDistrict is because we see a lot of people struggling with scaling their Amazon business to 50.000+ a month. While we believe this can be achieved relatively easily. Aslong as you have a certain vision, dedication, discipline and the will to scale your business.

Wrong Focus

The thing with most people is when they want to grow their Amazon business they’re simply focussing on the wrong things. 80% of their workload is about the wrong stuff that won’t bring them any real monthly growth. They will design their website homepage very nicely, while they’re getting no traffic. They want the perfect product before they start selling on, which causes the product to be ready 4 months later. While perfectionism is good, it can kill momentum because you will get stuck in the details. You will make mistakes anyway.

So focus your workload on things that will give the most benefit to your company in forms of revenue. Do your research and see how you can rank specific products better than competitors. See which products does the most revenue and fully scale with that product. Once that product is 100% ranked and optimized, go to the next product etc.

Getting to comfortable

Scaling your business is about taking risks and taking the next step. When you’re finally doing 10k a month on Amazon after a period of time you can of course be happy. It’s a great achievement. But watch out that you will not get too comfortable. Because before you know it you will lose your advantage to someone that keeps the momentum and will take over your position.

Not having a clear vision

It’s also important to have a clear vision where you see your Amazon brand the next 1 to 2 years. You need this vision the decide which steps you need to take to reach these goals. If your goal is for example to reach €100.000 per month within one year, you can then calculate back how much orders you need to reach this goal. 

So, if your product costs €25 per piece. You need to sell 4.000 units per month or 160 a day. Knowing this you can now make a plan how you will get these 160 sales a day.

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