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Key Elements Of Scaling

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Product Branding

Stop competing on price! Learn how to succesfully brand your products on Amazon. Give customers a unique and premium experience with your brand and stand out from your competitors.

Building A Virtual Team

Nobody is good at everything, Learn how to get the right people around you. When scaling your brand, you will never be able to do certain essential things yourself. Find specialists who can support you in this.

Product Launch Strategies

Amazon is all about getting your products found. 97% of the Amazon customers don't look beyond page one, so you need to make sure you get there. Learn into detail which different, unique launch strategies there are and how you can incorporate them immediately.

Scaling Your Brand

Once you have your brand and products, it's time to scale. The goal here is to gather as many eyeballs as possible and convert these into loyal customers. There are different approaches for this, let's find out which strategy suits your brand the best.

Why us?

Simple. We already did it!

ScalingDistrict is founded by Amazon Business owners with over more than €1 million in sales with their private label brands.

While building these brands we went through many different phases. From the beginning of having one product to adding multiple complementary products to get higher order value from our customers.

We would like to share with you the experience we have accumulated in building these brands. So you don’t have to make expensive mistakes that we’ve made and you can grow your Amazon business even faster.

In addition, we will tell you the important factors for scaling your business. Such as why a virtual team can help you achieve this and which strategies there are for ranking your product on page 1.

What we often see is that people focus on the wrong things, so the desired growth is not achieved.

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